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Natural Health Care Detox Foot Patch with High Quality
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Product Name: Natural Health Care Detox Foot Patch with High Quality Transport Package: 10 PCS/ Box, 60 Boxes/Carton Origin: Guangzhou Danjia Product Description Natural health care detox foot patch with high qualityNameDetox foot patchIngredientsMinus ion, Carapace element, Vitamin C, orange oil, Bamboo Vinegar liquid, Mineral powdery, plant powdery Mint.Function1.Promoting blood circulation&metabolism . 2.Activating cells,improving functions of vital organs .3.Relieving fatigue .4.Relaxing muscles & tendons and eliminating internal moisture,replenishing vital essence and strengthening the kidney5.Promoting sleeping .6.Dispelling toxins which accumulated in the circulation system,promoting funbctions of circulation system and strengthening the immunity .ApplicationThe cosmetic users,the belly-bound,the old&infirm,the obese,the depressed,smokers&sots,workers who have to stand for long time and people with great working or mental pressure .Package10 pcs/box, 60 boxes/carton[Product function]Efficacy of DetoxicAbsorb internal dampness and harmful wastes from body, relieve pain, reduce swelling and eliminate toxins.Efficacy of Negative IonCleanse the blood, improve the activity of our heart muscle, promotes healthy blood circulation, enhance immunity of the body.Efficacy of Far Infrared RadiationKeep the human body from all kinds of stress, dissipate fatigue, enhance the quality of sleep.Affected part-pastingPlace the plaster on the painful area directly, such as foot, neck shoulder, elbow, waist and knee.Sole reflection area-pastingPlace the plaster on the painful area together with sole reflection area, it will be achieved effectively,Precaution:Don't apply to open wounds, damaged and inflamed skin or ulceration.Don't take out the powder.Keep out of the reach of the children.Keep in a cool and dry place.For external use only.Wariness for chilli allergy.Usage:Attach one powder pack with word indicated to the middle of the adhesive plaster.Cleanse the affected area before us. Ensure that side with the air hole in applied on the skin surface tightly.Use before sleep and remove next morning.